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TImeAnalyzer - application for monitoring the efficiency of time

Lets knows efficiency of the working time

TImeAnalyzer - application for Android (monitoring the efficiency of time) screenshot

TImeAnalyzer - application for monitoring the efficiency of time

What do you think, how well you spend your time at work?

You are often distracted by "facebooks" while working? Or, maybe, distracted by something else, not very important?

Learn it will TImeAnalyzer .

You can learn about the effectiveness of your time, if you know the effectiveness of certain short intervals, of which it consists.

1) You divide your time into separate short intervals 2) evaluate each short interval 3) add up your score 4) you can see the result: you work or more distracted than working

TimeAnalyser help to make such a test

  1. Install and run TImeAnalyzer on your smartphone;
  2. before starting start a new test in TimeAnalyser application;
  3. set the total time (may be time for break);
  4. set the interval for evaluate messages;
  5. get to work.

After the specified time intervals TimeAnalyser will give a window in which you need to evaluate how well you spend your time on the job:

  1. You have been immersed in the work;
  2. you and worked and distracted by extraneous;
  3. you have a lot of distractions and a little work.

You need to choose something one.

TImeAnalyzer will remember and will summarize your choices.

After the end of the total time you can see the grand total. To do this, in the main application window, click on the list of tests and test from the context menu select "Show result"

The diagram will show how well you have used your time

Step by step with images:

  1. Start TimeAnalyser and start new test (touch New test);


  2. Select end time (use "+"/"-" buttons), step (size of intervals) and start test (touch button Start test);


  3. When dialogbox will appears you need to select one of: Effective work - small (without) digress, May be 50/50 work/digress, Small work - many digress (select again, when dialog box will appears again)


  4. After selecting in last dialogbox fisrt screen will appears again; for showing result-touch on row with test and select in popup menu Show result


For any additional questions use feedback

TimeAnalyser - supported OS

Android 4.0 or highter

Additional information about TimeAnalyser

TimeAnalyser iconTimeAnalyser in Google Play

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