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Curves - popular mathematics

Math for dummies

Mathematics - beautiful science. We can talk about the beauty of mathematical formulas, the beauty of mathematical proofs, the beauty of geometric lines and many other...

We can call the many beautiful geometric lines that and allow us to talk about the beauty of mathematics in general and the beauty of geometry in particular.

Geometrical lines, for example, archimedean spiral, astroid, cardioid, cycloid, cissoid of Diocles, folium of Descartes, deltoid, lituus, logarithmic spiral, nephroid, limacon of Pascal, semicubic parabola, strophoid, sinusoid, epicycloid, hypocycloid, hyperbolic spiral, trohoid, rose, cochleoid, Fermat's spiral, lemniscate of Bernoulli, lemniscate of Gerono, tractrix, witch of Agnesi, Lissajous curve, hypotrochoid, epitrochoid, bicorn, lemniscate of Booth, seerpentine.

This is not just abstract lines, many objects in nature correspond to these lines, or their motion corresponds to these lines (for example see Logarithmic spiral in (EN), also other links to Wikipedia on

Archimedean spiral curve

Archimedean spiral

Astroid curve


Cardioid curve


Cycloid curve


Cissoid of Diocles curve

Cissoid of Diocles

Folium of Descartes curve

Folium of Descartes

Deltoid curve


Lituus curve

Lituus (variant)

Logarithmic spiral curve

Logarithmic spiral

Nephroid curve


Limacon of Pascal curve

Limacon of Pascal (variant)

Semicubic parabola curve

Semicubic parabola

Strophoid curve


Sinusoid curve


Epicycloid curve

Epicycloid (variant)

Hypocycloid curve

Hypocycloid (variant)

Hyperbolic spiral curve

Hyperbolic spiral

Trohoid curve


Rose curve

Rose (variant)

Rose curve


Fermat`s spiral curve

Fermat`s spiral

Lemniscate of Bernoulli curve

Lemniscate of Bernoulli

Lemniscate of Gerono curve

Lemniscate of Gerono

Tractrix curve


Witch of Agnesi curve

Witch of Agnesi

Lissajous curve

Lissajous curve (variant)


Hypotrochoid (variant)


Epitrochoid (variant)



Lemnicate of Booth

Lemnicate of Booth



to be continued..?

Curves - a geometric screensaver that displays the specified lines while the computer is idle. Curves allows you to view the construction of the curve (simple animation), tells the name of the curve, allows to see the position of the curve on the coordinate system.

Curves - beautiful mathematics on your desktop. ;)

published: July, 17, 2010
For translation were used software translators