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Curves - scientific animated screensaver

Art of math - real "true" screensaver

Curves is not "yet another screen saver".

Curves - scientific animated screensaver. During the work Curves draw on screen beautiful mathematical plane curves.

Currently (v. 1.31), full list of curves: archimedean spiral, astroid, cardioid, cycloid, cissoid of Diocles, folium of Descartes, deltoid, lituus, logarithmic spiral, nephroid, limacon of Pascal, semicubic parabola, strophoid, sinusoid, epicycloid, hypocycloid, hyperbolic spiral, trochoid, rose, cochleoid, Fermat's spiral, lemniscate of Bernoulli, lemniscate of Gerono, tractrix, witch of Agnesi, Lissajous curve, hypotrochoid, epitrochoid, bicorn, lemniscate of Booth, bicorn, serpentine.

Lissajous curve, epicycloid and hypocycloid - 6 variants for displaying (each), hypotrochoid -2 variants for displaying, epitrochoid - 3 variants for displaying, more than 50 variants for displaying rose.

Curves - animated screensaver. Curves draws lines consistently, point by point.

Animated screensaver - also means consistently drawing axes and names of curves.
Animated screensaver - is art of math.

Curves is:

  • real "true" screensaver (do NOT "eating" your`s computer resources);
  • simple, BUT beautiful;
  • simple AND beautiful (art of math);
  • simple, but "smart";
  • simple, but can say about your originality,

    also free updates for version 1.xx (including new curves).
Below you can see the curves.

Note: Click on image to enlarge.
Archimedean spiral curve

Archimedean spiral

Astroid curve


Cardioid curve


Cycloid curve


Cissoid of Diocles curve

Cissoid of Diocles

Folium of Descartes curve

Folium of Descartes

Deltoid curve


Lituus curve

Lituus (variant)

Logarithmic spiral curve

Logarithmic spiral

Nephroid curve


Limacon of Pascal curve

Limacon of Pascal (variant)

Semicubic parabola curve

Semicubic parabola

Strophoid curve


Sinusoid curve


Epicycloid curve

Epicycloid (variant)

Hypocycloid curve

Hypocycloid (variant)

Hyperbolic spiral curve

Hyperbolic spiral

Trohoid curve


Rose curve

Rose (variant)

Rose curve


Fermat`s spiral curve

Fermat`s spiral

Lemniscate of Bernoulli curve

Lemniscate of Bernoulli

Lemniscate of Gerono curve

Lemniscate of Gerono

Tractrix curve


Witch of Agnesi curve

Witch of Agnesi

Lissajous curve

Lissajous curve (variant)


Hypotrochoid (variant)


Epitrochoid (variant)



Lemnicate of Booth

Lemnicate of Booth



to be continued..?

Each of lines above can be named beauty in mathematics or art of math.
Curves - animated screensaver - simple and beautiful decoration of desktop.
Try Curves free!

Curves - supported OS and system requiments

Windows (Seven, Vista, 2003, 2000, XP, NT, ME, 98).
64 MB RAM, 1 MB Hard Disk, 800x600 resolution or higher, at least 256 colors

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Additional information

List of curves (links to (ENG)) - A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

Glossary of Mathematical Formulas -Glossary of Junior High School - to University-level Mathematical Formulas for Mobile Terminals

In Google Play available version of Curves for Android (v1.31). Curves for Android is live wallpaper (also - 31 curves). Click here for more (Google Play)...

Also watch video: Math lines (21 first lines from Curves)

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