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BeautyXLS - easy and quick way for converting documents

Convert and format your documents in a short time

So, you need to convert some document. Example, XLS to TXT.

One file you can to convert very easy:
- open XLS document with MS Excel or Calc,
- click File, Save As...,
- select type of file and
- click Save button.

But, if you need to convert many documents, you need to repeat these actions many times (depends on number of documents). This can be tediously and long.

Alternative decision of converting documents - BeautyXLS - document tool. You can automate converting of documents via BeautyXLS. Using BeautyXLS, you can make converting documents very easy and quickly.

For converting documents via BeautyXLS follow instructions:

  1. start BeautyXLS;
  2. in the main window BeautyXLSclick Settings -> Preferences;

    BeautyXLS settings

  3. Works with file via... - select Microsoft Office Excel or Calc - as you like;


  4. For work take files with extension... - select a file extension that you want to convert (XLS or ODS) (depending on of "office" and depending on version of "office", you may select XLSX option, example: your "office" is MS Office 2010, you may select XLSX);


  5. In processing save file as... - select wishing type (some type may need choosing some other options, if you select in step, list all supported types of converting documents depends on your office, also depends on version your office;


  6. click Ok button;
  7. in the main window, specify a file or directory with files for converting
    (click with files or file);


  8. click Start button.


After converting, documents, prepared BeautyXLS, you'll find in a directory with source files.

All supported types of converting (depends on your office MS Excel and/or, and depends on version your office).

If your "office" is MS Excel:

MS Excel WorkBook 97/2000/XP/2003 (*.xls),
SYLK (Symbolic Link) (*.slk),
Text (TAB delimited) (*.txt),
WKS (1-2-3) (*.wks),
WK1 (1-2-3) (*.wk1)',
CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv),
DBF 2 (dBase II) (*.dbf),
DBF 3 (dBase III) (*.dbf),
DIF (Data InterGhange Format) (*.dif),
DBF 4 (dBase IV) (*.dbf),
WK3 (1-2-3) (*.wk3),
MS Excel 2.1 Worksheet (*.xls),
MS Excel Template 97/2000/XP/2003 (*.xlt),
Text (Macintosh) (*.txt),
Text (MS-DOS) (*.txt),
CSV (Macintosh) (*.csv),
CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv),
MS Excel 3.0 Worksheet (*.xls),
WK1, FMT (1-2-3) (*.wk1),
WK1, ALL (1-2-3) (*.wk1),
WK3, FM3 (1-2-3) (*.wk3),
MS Excel 4.0 Worksheet (*.xls),
WQ1 (Quattro Pro/DOS) (*.wq1),
MS Excel 4.0 Workbook (*.xlw),
Formatted text (Space delimited) (*.prn),
WK4 (1-2-3) (*.wk4),
MS Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (*.xls),
Unicode text (*.txt),
MS Excel 97-2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook (*.xls),
Web-page (*.htm, *.html),
Single File Web Page (*.mhtm, *.mhtml),
XML Spreadsheet(*.xlm),
XML-data (*.xml),
MSExcel Add-In (*.xla),
MS Excel 2007 Binary book (*.xlsb),
MS Excel 2007 WorkBook (*.xlsx),
MS Excel 2007 WorkBook with support macroses (*.xlsm),
MS Excel 2007 Template with support macroses (*.xltm),
MS Excel 2007 Template(*.xltx),
MS Excel 2007 Add-In with support macroses (*.xlam).

If your "office" is

MS Excel 2003 XML (*.xml),
dBase (*.dbf),
OpenDocument SpreadSheet Template (*.ots),
OpenDocument SpreadSheet (*.ods), 1.0 Spreadheet (.sxc), 1.0 Spreadsheet Template (*.stc),
Data InterGhange Format (*.dif),
MS Excel 97/2000/XP (*.xls),
MS Excel 97/2000/XP Template (*.xlt),
MS Excel 95 (*.xls),
Template of MS Excel 95 (*.xlt),
MS Excel 5.0/95 (*.xls),
Template of MS Excel 5.0 (*.xlt),
StarCalc 5.0 Template (*.vor),
StarCalc 5.0 (*.sdc),
StarCalc 4.0 Template(*.vor),
StarCalc 4.0 (*.sdc),
StarCalc 3.0 Template (*.vor),
StarCalc 3.0 (*.sdc),
SYLK (Symbolic Link) (*.slk),
Text CSV (*.csv),
HTML Document ( Calc) (*.htm, *.html),
Pocket Excel (*.pxl),
Portable Document Format (*.pdf),
Unified Office Format spreadsheet (*.uos).

published: June, 17, 2010
For translation were used software translators