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BeautyXLS as PDF converter

Make your PDF document(s) easy, in a short time

As written before (BeautyXLS - easy and quick way for converting documents), BeautyXLS can work as a document converter.

One of the features BeautyXLS - saving (converting) spreadsheets as PDF documents - using BeautyXLS as PDF converter.

Using BeautyXLS as PDF converter makes sense if you want to convert many files. In this case BeautyXLS will help you significantly save your time.

So, if you want to save the spreadsheet (one or many) as PDF document - you can use BeautyXLS as PDF converter. For this you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. start BeautyXLS;
  2. in the main window BeautyXLSclick Settings -> Preferences;

    BeautyXLS settings

  3. Works with file via... - select Calc
    (but if you have installed MS Excel 2010, you can select Microsoft Office Excel);


  4. For work take files with extension... - select a file extension that you want to convert (XLS or ODS) (depending on of "office" and depending on version of "office", you may select XLSX option, example: your "office" is MS Office 2010, you may select XLSX);


  5. In processing save file as... - select Export to PDF (see the bottom of the list may need to scroll down), this can BeautyXLS works as PDF converter (if you select Microsoft Excel, you need select PDF (*.pdf) here);


  6. click Ok button;
  7. in the main window, specify a file or directory with files for converting
    (click with files or file);


  8. click Start button.


After processing, PDF documents, prepared BeautyXLS, you'll find in a directory with source files.

Note. In order to take advantage of BeautyXLS as a PDF converter, you need to install Calc or MS Excel 2010. (

You can make converting without BeautyXLS, manually but the using of BeautyXLS as PDF converter may reduce the time and make the converting easier, especially if you want to convert lots of files. Try BeautyXLS! It`s free!

Also watch video tutorial on YouTube: BeautyXLS-convert to PDF directory with files


published: November, 09, 2010
For translation were used software translators