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Format a tables via BeautyXLS

How to format a table easy and quickly

Sometimes, documents are conveniently presented in tables (spreadsheets), but the document must be given a beautiful and readable form - table should be formatted.

BeautyXLS can perform (via MS Excel or Calc) the next settings of formatting:

  • setting page orientation;
  • setting the font of document;
  • setting/removing of interleaving background color of rows (or columns);
  • setting the width of columns, automatically or in accordance with the width of columns in document-pattern;
  • setting/removing wrap text;
  • setting/removing borders;
  • setting/removing bold font in the first left, last right columns, fist row, last row of the document;
  • including in page header name of file;
  • including in page header numbers of pages;
  • saving document in specified format, full list (depends on installed versions and/or MS Excel, open your version and learn more).
    Last allows to use BeautyXLS as converter.

Format a table, you can use software such as MS Excel or Calc. To format a table, you open a document and make the formatting. But the same could be done differently, you can format the table automatically with a tool BeautyXLS

BeautyXLS can format a table (single), also can format an entire directory of tables.

You can load documents through standard dialogue open a directory or dialogue open file, but also using Drag & Drop (drag directory or file on main window BeautyXLS and drop).

So, using BeautyXLS you get:

  • to format documents quickly and easily;
  • ability to install / remove various formatting options;
  • to format once a large number of documents;
  • to format not only one sheet, but all sheets in a workbook - as you need;

Try BeautyXLS! It`s free!

BeautyXLS has other features for them you can find out if you try to work with BeautyXLS or read other articles about BeautyXLS.

Also watch video tutorials on YouTube:

published: November, 11, 2010
For translation were used software translators