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BeautyXLS and APA style formatting

APA style formatting with BeautyXLS - easy and quickly

One from features BeautyXLS - the formatting spreadsheets in accordance with the recommendations of APA (see for more in Wikipedia (en)).

BeautyXLS can help you format your tables in accordance with the recommendations of APA, for example:

  • left alignment for string columns;
  • right alignment for numeric columns;
  • borders - in compliance with the recommendations of APA;
  • font - in compliance with the recommendations of APA.

In addition, using BeautyXLS, you get a tables in the APA style, but also can do this quickly and easily, saving your time, attention and patience - BeautyXLS works instead of you.

You can use BeautyXLS to format your tables in APA style in two ways and get two different results - tables in two different kinds: as spreadsheets and as DOC - documents:

  1. formatting spreadsheets with APA style and save as spreadsheets;
  2. copying spreadsheets into tables of text files and formatting a text files with the elements of APA style;

More, way I, result - spreadsheets. To do this:

  1. start BeautyXLS;
  2. in the main window BeautyXLS click Settings -> Preferences and check APA style menu item;

    BeautyXLS settings

  3. Works with file via... - select Microsoft Office Excel or Calc - as you like;


  4. For work take files with extension... - select a file extension that you want to format (XLS or ODS or XLSX) (some options can be disabled, in depending on of "office" also in depending on version of "office");


  5. In processing save files as... - select spreadsheets, such as MS Excel 97-2003; be sure - option ...table in DOC file is unchecked;


  6. for saving preferences click Ok button;
  7. in the main window, specify a file or directory with files for converting
    (click with files or file and select file(s) for processing);


  8. click Start button.


After processing, DOC documents, prepared BeautyXLS, you'll find in a directory with source files.

Note. To take advantage of formatting spreadsheets, you need to have installed MS Excel or Calc, one of them.

Note. MS Excel and OpenOffice.rg Calc do NOT support "double spacing".

More, way II, result - DOC document. Make same actions, but there is a difference:
step 5 - check option ...table in DOC file;


Note. Important. To take advantage of converting and formatting spreadsheets (II), you need to have installed MS Word and MS Excel - BOTH applications.

You can make formatting without BeautyXLS, manually but the using of BeautyXLS may reduce the time and make the formatting easier, especially if you want to format lots of files. Try BeautyXLS! It`s free!

Also watch video tutorials on YouTube:

published: November, 09, 2010
For translation were used software translators