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BeautyXLS - automation tool for processing documents

Format and convert your documents easy and quickly

BeautyXLS (utility for documents formatting) screenshot

BeautyXLS - an utility for automated processing of documents (spreadsheets, documents of Microsoft Excel or Calc), formatting and converting.

How it works - main idea - BeautyXLS works instead of you (instead of me, instead of us).

BeautyXLS automates the processing of documents.
BeautyXLS execute (instead of you) MS Excel or Calc and make processing the document.

So, BeautyXLS works instead of you.

Read about using BeautyXLS for formatting: Click to read (open in new window) Format a tables via BeautyXLS

Read about using BeautyXLS for converting: Click to read (open in new window) Format a tables via BeautyXLS

BeautyXLS can process one document or directory with the documents.

BeautyXLS can remember the selected parameters of the formatting in file and use their if required the same formatting.

BeautyXLS can greatly shorten time, spent on formatting document.

The main parameters of the formatting are placed in main window, for choice of options of the formatting there is no need to find them in menu MS Excel or (if you format document manually).

All this will allow you to quickly and easily work with your documents, because:

  • you do not work, BeautyXLS works instead of you, also BeautyXLS works faster
    than you - you save your time and you do not need to be careful;
  • you are able to process an entire directory with the documents - you save your time;
  • you may remember the formatting options, and when you again need to follow the same formatting, you can load these formatting options, and quickly to "say" BeautyXLS, how to format documents - you do not need to install again the formatting options - you will again save you time;
  • formatting options in one place, they do not need to look for, things quickly - you save... well, you know;
  • using Drag & Drop, you can quickly load the formatting options and files for processing.

BeautyXLS is a small but powerful tool for work with spreadsheets, that can be very useful in some cases, when you need to process a lot of documents.

In some cases, for which tasks beautyxls may be useful for you. Think.
In some cases, for which tasks you need BeautyXLS, that will works instead of you?

Adding features in BeautyXLS v 2.2 (2.2.xx):

Use link below for download and try free BeautyXLS - a new automation tool for work with spreadsheets.

BeautyXLS iconClick here for free dowload BeautyXLS

BeautyXLS iconClick for order BeautyXLS

Warning! BeautyXLS processes documents via MS Excel or Calc. If you want to use BeautyXLS, you need install MS Excel or Calc (if you want - both).

For download visit

For any additional questions use feedback

BeautyXLS - supported OS and system requiments

Windows (Seven, Vista, 2003, 2000, XP, NT, ME, 98).
128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended), 4 MB Hard Disk, 800x600 resolution or higher

Additional information about BeautyXLS

"BeautyXLS imparts fantastic set of formatting options using which you can format a single file or a directory with files. For the varied and effective functions along with the commendable performance shown, the application is assigned with 4 rating points."
See full text on

"BeautyXLS lets you automatically format multiple Excel spreadsheets. The application can adjust one or multiple files (folders with supported files inside them)."
See more on

Video about BeautyXLS: installation and short test

BeautyXLS iconClick here for free dowload BeautyXLS

BeautyXLS iconClick for order BeautyXLS

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